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Danger Lurks Around Every Corner

We Take Every Step With Safety As Our First Priority

CMC Corporate Solutions – Health and Safety

The first of our six our Core Values (the values that guide us through our daily decision process) you will find “Safety First.” CMC Corporate Solutions is firmly committed to our health and safety program and the protection of our team members, clients, and communities in which we work. We consider no phase of our operations or administration more important than safety and health. It is our basic safety policy that no task is so important that the team member violate safety rules or take a risk of injury or illness in order to get the job done.

Our Health and Safety program is supported with our commitment to continuous improvement by:

  • Implementing best practices and a specific safety plan on every activity;
  • Ensure that all team members are properly trained and equipped to perform their duties;
  • Maintain a current and comprehensive written Safety Policies Manual; and
  • Gain a continuous commitment to our safety goals and objectives from each and every team member.